Crop Images

Your free and comprehensive solution for adjusting and cropping photos for your website and social media platforms.


Easy, Fast, Free

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, this free tool for resizing your images and photos is perfect for beginners as well as professionals.

Whether you want to adapt an image to fit the specific dimensions of a social media platform, or simply enhance the appearance of your photos for your website, our tool offers a quick and efficient solution.

Application bixKit

Social Networks

All the required dimensions for social networks are pre-configured, ensuring that images fit perfectly on each platform. This simplifies the process, saves time, and guarantees that images are always displayed optimally.

Application bixKit
Application bixKit

Image editing tools

bixKit meets the needs of image customization and optimization with its cropping, resizing, and format conversion options.

  • Cropping : Adjusting the size of images.
  • Resizing : Changing the dimensions, with or without keeping the proportions.
  • Format Conversion : Switching from one format to another, for example from JPG to PNG or WebP, for different quality and size needs.

Zoom and Mirror Effect

bixKit allows for zooming in and out for precise image adjustment, as well as a horizontal symmetry function, ideal for creating a mirror effect or correcting the orientation.

Application bixKit

Easy to Use

With bixKit, resizing your images for your website or social networks is accessible to everyone, even without design expertise.

Free & Unlimited

Whether you are a casual user or a regular user, the bixKit app is completely free and without any restrictions.


Your images are stored in your browser, not on our servers, ensuring greater privacy and security.

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